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At Calgro M3 we provide homes, not houses

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You will need complete these four processes before your key is handed over:



Before registration you will inspect your property to ensure there are NO apparent defects. If you are satisfied with the condition of your property, you will be asked to sign a letter of completion (LOC).


We submit the LOC along with the structural completion certificate, electricity certificate and occupancy certificate to the bank. The bank will then do an inspection of the house.


If the bank is satisfied it will make final payment to the developer.

and occupation

Your keys will then be handed to you and you are free to occupy the property.

Once you have occupied the house, the following processes apply:

1. Latent defects.

There may be deficiencies that appear in your property after you have taken occupation.

These are called latent defects.

The developer will fix Latent Defects during the first 90 days after occupation. Notify our Client Liaison Officers of any defects or call the centre on 0800 24HOUR (0800 24 4687) and an appointment will be made to access your property and attend to the problem.

2. Letter of Good Standing.

Our office will do a final inspection of your property accompanied by you after the latent defects period has expired. If there are no more defects you will be expected to sign a Letter of Good Standing. This means the developer has fulfilled obligations to you, the client.