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At Calgro M3 we provide homes, not houses

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Each property constructed by us is registered with the NHBRC (National Home Builder’s Regulatory Council).

NHBRC is the regulatory body of the home building industry. NHBRC assists and protects consumers exposed to contractors who deliver substandard design, workmanship and poor quality material.

NHBRC registered homes offer:

  • A major structural warranty cover for up to five years from date of occupation;

  • Mediation between consumer and builder; and

  • Recourse through complaints, arbitration and remedial processes.



Each Calgro M3 property carries a roof structure guarantee against leaks, gutter leaks and improper discharge of water for 12 months from occupation.

Latent defects

Each Calgro M3 property enjoys a latent defects period of 90 days after occupation in which time any latent defect will be fixed at the developer’s cost.

Sundry guarantees

Any guarantee of any appliance fitted standard as per specification, will be transferred to the new owner, eg. geysers and stoves etc.


Properties demand ongoing maintenance to make them look as nice as the day the were bought. Remember to paint your house regularly, fix loose items and keep your garden nice and neat. This way it will remain beautiful and be a place where you really feel at home.